About Us


GoSee Local specializes in providing an easy and affordable ticketing system plus directory for local events throughout Central Florida (Soon to be in Texas & Georgia). By serving as a comprehensive ecosystem for event organizers, GoSee Local simplifies the process of spreading the word and selling tickets for a wide range of events. From Wine Walks & Food tours, to Seated ticket layouts, GoSee’s Got it!

Focused on making events successful, GoSee Local offers tools for organizers to create, publish, and sell event tickets efficiently, while also providing a seamless experience for customers to choose, buy tickets, and attend their favorite events. Whether you're looking to elevate a local event or explore dining, entertainment, and seminar options across Central Florida.

Our goal is to help you attract enthusiastic consumers and event attendees to your venue while boosting revenue and building long-term customer relationships. With increased online visibility, improved local SEO rankings, and enhanced brand awareness through our business listings, GoSee Local ensures that your business stays top-of-mind among local consumers. List your business with us today for free and watch as new customers find their way right to your door!

We have a long history of creating technology that makes businesses and events operate better, and we do not believe in one-off investments or one-trick ponies. GoSee Local is designed from the ground-up to be adaptable/versatile technology meant to grow with you and your business. We know how important that is to you because it’s important to us too.


GoSee Local founder James Kane has a track record of building category-defining companies, spanning the globe from multi-industry events to record-breaking celebrations in Asia. Leveraging hospitality and event operations know-how into the creation of the number one, all-inclusive, event ticketing and experience platform in Singapore.  

James is an entrepreneurial visionary with over 20 years of business development and sales experience in the events and entertainment industry. He has gained his vast experience working with various partners to showcase their talents locally and internationally.


"Discover the unparalleled ease and speed of creating and publishing events with GoSee Local Event System! With our user-friendly platform, organizing your next event has never been simpler. From start to finish, our intuitive interface guides you through the process, allowing you to create and customize your event details in minutes.”   James Kane